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The Toilet Tissue market in Independents & Convenience is worth £309.4m in 2022.

Sales of 4 roll packs accounted for around half of total toilet tissues sold in Independents & Convenience, outperforming the total market.

(Nielsen – Toilet Tissue – MAT: 12.11.2022)

Laundry Capsules are the best-selling format in the Independents due to convenience and great cleaning performance.

Make sure you are stocking the No.1 Capsule SKU – Daz All-in-1 Pods (807960) and maximise sales with sensitive skin shoppers by stocking Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner (656005).

(Nielsen – Laundry – MAT: 11.09.2022)

Auto Dish Wash sale value exceeds Hand Dish Wash sale by over 50%.

Stock up top performing SKU in Independents: Finish Powerball All-in-1 Max (169745) and to drive incremental sales ensure you are stocking Dishwasher Additives: Finish Rinse Aid (811775).

(IRI – ADW & Hand Dish – MAT: 30.09.2022)

Own label household products offer great value versus branded products and deliver on average over 30% POR.

Covid-19 has heightened consumers' home care regime so much so that 7 out of 10 cleaning occasions are now considered "quick cleaning".*

Ensure you are stocking Antibac Surface Wipes and Multipurpose Sprays such as Dettol Antibac Wipes 30's (778158) and Flash All Purpose Cleaner 1.2ltr (797257).

* Proprietary brand manufacturer research (Procter & Gamble)

PMP's offer shoppers price confidence.

28% of shoppers are more likely to buy a Household Cleaning or Laundry product if it's in a price marked pack.

Where possible, offer price marked versions of the leading HHC & Laundry SKUs to drive price confidence to consumers.

(Lumina Intelligence 2020)

Fragrance continues to drive growth into the category whilst attracting a younger audience.

Fragrance Cleaning Sprays are growing +4.7% YoY outperforming the category average and fragrance-free sprays.

(Nielsen – HHC (Sprays Only) – Total Market – Value Sales – MAT: 28.11.2021)

The Top 6 brands in Total Surface Cleaning* account for 62% of total sales in Independents.

Domestos, Dettol, Flash, Mr. Muscle, Zoflora & Cif are the best-selling brands. Capitalise on cross-category sales by stocking the best-selling products from these brands across multiple categories.

(Nielsen – HHC – Impulse – Value Sales – MAT: 09.10.2022)

*Total Surface Cleaning is comprised of Household Cleaning, Specialist Cleaning and Bleach & Toilet.


  • Toilet tissues value sale is in growth, branded as well as Own label. Overall Category is growing by 3.2% and Own label is growing at 6.8%, in value.
  • Price inflation has led to consumers leaving the traditional channels for discounters and wholesalers, while looking for cheaper alternatives. Own labels play a key part in adding this value.
  • Value brands such as Best-one are flourishing and growing in value.

    (The Grocer: 17-12-2022)

Paper products


  • New families increase their Laundry spend by up to 50%.

    (Kantar Worldpanel/Supplier Manufacturer Data)

  • Own label is seeing double digit growth driven again by value concourse shoppers.
  • Drive category value and basket spend by stocking a full Laundry regime.

    (Detergent, Ancillaries, Fabric Conditioners & Fabric Enhancers)

  • 44% of UK households contain someone with sensitive skin.

    (Kantar Worldpanel/Supplier Manufacturer Data)

Laundry Pods are a key driver of growth within Main Wash Laundry

Air Care

  • More than half of Air Care sales are impulse purchases so make sure you provide sufficient visibility in store.
  • Candles perform best between October and March. Stock seasonal & festive scents to maximise the opportunity during the season.
  • Stock up on a wide variety of formats such as aerosol, plug-ins, and ambient bathroom fresheners.

Febreze, Air Wick and Glade are all major brands in the Air Care category

Surface Cleaners

  • Nearly half of the consumers are using more anti-bacterial products in their home.
  • Specialist Cleaning is an important category and is approximately the same size as Household Cleaning.
  • Anti-bacterial and Disinfectant products are available in a variety of formats (aerosols, triggers, wipes, liquids).

Shoppers will continue to look for brands that they know and trust. Dettol and Zoflora are two key brands in the "Anti-bacterial" and "Disinfectant" category. Ensure that these products are available in a variety of formats (triggers, wipes, and liquids) and are clearly visible on shelves as a part of your Core Range.

A wide range of disinfectants and antibacterial products are available in depots now!

Information correct at time of print.


Must Stock Lines

Category advice2023


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

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Must stock linesMust stock lines


Category advice2023


We suggest you stock the following range:

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