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Alert – Product Recall – Vimto Still

Plain Pack (511253) and PM £1.25 (812224)

Please see attached communication regarding Vimto Still plain pack (511253) and PM £1.25 (812224).

Vimto Notification of Production Issue 09 Apr 2024
(PDF, 161Kb)

Vimto Notification of Production Issue Consumer Notice 09 Apr 2024
(PDF, 172Kb)

We would like to inform you of an issue we have encountered with recent productions of Vimto Original Still 500ml and Vimto Original Still 500ml £1.25 PMP from the Vimto Love the Taste Promotion. Unfortunately, a No Added Sugar statement was applied to the labels used during the manufacture of the products despite the product within the bottles containing added sugar.

Example of Vimto Still Plain Pack/£1.25 PMP

The batches concerned are below, no other batches are affected.

BBE OCT 24 4050
BBE OCT 24 4051
BBE OCT 24 4052
BBE NOV 24 4072
BBE NOV 24 4073
BBE NOV 24 4074