Tobacco Track and Trace – are you ready?

In May 2019, the tobacco regulations changed and Bestway is here to help . . .

What is Tobacco Track and Trace?

This is a new government legislation, which means that anyone selling cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco products will need to register for their own unique operator 'codes' in order to purchase and sell tobacco, so all sales of tobacco can be tracked and traced back to where they came from.

What do you need to do if you sell tobacco?

The regulations require all retailers to have an Economic Operator ID (their own unique ID code registered to their business) and a Facility ID (a unique ID code for each store or premises which sells tobacco). To purchase the new Track and Trace cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco, you will need your codes.

To obtain the codes, retailers must apply to a government appointed ID issuer.

To apply for your codes please click on the link below and create an account.

Click here

Already have your EOID & FID numbers? Fill them in here.

We still have a small range of non-track & track stock

You do not need EOID or FID codes to buy this stock.

Menthol & Capsule cigarettes.

Maximise your sales of menthol & capsule cigarettes before they become unavailable post 20th May 2020.

Stock menthol alternatives to help retain your menthol customers such as Menthol Heets & Vapes that are unaffected by the ban.

You can purchase these on our website, via our app or in a Bestway or Batleys depot.

Find out more about Track and Trace here