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Jack Apple and Lemonade
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Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire
Zero waste to landfill

Jack Daniel's has met the corporate "Zero Waste to Landfill" target with the sugar maple charcoal used for filtering sold as smoking pellets for barbecuing; Scrap wood from nearby mills is used to heat water for distilling; Local farmers using the ash as a soil improver; Grain and yeast by-product from the distilling process, called stillage, sold as cattle feed and used barrels sold to other beverage alcohol manufacturers for aging their products or used to make rustic furniture.

These efforts result in 99% of materials from the distillery being reused or recycled.

American Whiskey is predicted to grow

* IWSR 2022

Jack & Cola

Source: Nielsen IQ; Total On & Off Trade; MAT 31.12.22, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 25ml serves

Enjoyed best with lemonade
Perfect for a meal with friends
Best served ice cold

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