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81.4% of UK households buy Canned Fish with the average person buying 9.6 times per year.

(Kantar June 2020)

Tuna is the largest sector in canned fish and contributes to 61% of sales.

(IRI April 2020)

Pot Noodle is the number 1 brand in hot snacks with £115M RSV and has one of the highest repeat rates across foods brands at 65% - The nation's favourite Instant Noodle Brand.

(Nielsen Retail Measurement Service for the Mini Meals - Pots segment for the 52-week period ending 28/12/2019)

54% of shoppers are on top up missions when buying quick meals, snacks and soup.

Ranging brands that shoppers recognise is critical to leverage sales.

(Kantar Missions 52w/e 29 Dec 2019)

Healthy Beans is in growth of 15% in Total Market and 29% in Total Impulse channel.

(AC Nielsen to w/e 13.06.20)

Ambient soup is still highly seasonal with sales increasing 4% for every 1 degree drop in temperature.

(w/e 13.06.20 for Nielsen & 14.06.20 for Kantar)

64% of shoppers purchase pots for consumption at lunchtime, whilst 73% of flavoured rice is consumed at dinner.

Availability throughout the day is key.

(Source Kantar Usage Panel 52 w/e 01 Dec 2019)

Maximise Events

As Canned Fish is recognised for its versatility, it's a good idea to use off shelf display to drive impulse sales on promotions. People eat Canned Fish all year round – in sandwiches, salads and pasta bakes - giving plenty of opportunities to maximise sales.

Canned fish

Return to Recessionary Behaviour

Shoppers becoming savvier due to furlough impact/uncertainty value for money becomes even more important. Consider price mark and own label products that offer great value and margins.

Increasing Cultural Diversity

The UK population is becoming more and more culturally diverse. (ethnic consumers now account for 13%) Our appetite for world cuisine is also growing with 75% of shoppers wanting to see more choice in the world food aisle.

Convenience in soups is a big market driver, with consumers willing to spend 33% more on convenient formats e.g. Heinz Pot Soups.

(Source: The Grocer Food to Go Report, 2018)


The easy nature of Cream and thickened milk recipes is one of the driving forces behind the acceleration of condensed milk/baking during lockdown. Dual site milks with flour and yeast if space allows.

Carnation Soup

Table Sauces

Market Insight

  1. The Penetration of the category is extremely high at 98.5%, with frequency at 21.6 times a year.

    (Kantar | Table Sauces & Pickles | 52 we 16 June 2020)

  2. Healthy Is Here To Stay - Healthy TK is driving Ketchup growth (+19%, 2018 to 2019).

    (Kraft Heinz Exploration Strategy 2019)

  3. Exploration - BBQ, Hot & Spicy and Modern Condiments (garlic, burger, perinaise) are driving the growth in the category with 4%, 5% and 20% growth YoY respectively (2019).

    (Kraft Heinz Exploration Strategy 2019)

  4. Foodservice Link - 50% of Consumers take cooking inspiration from eating out, trying to recreate restaurant cuisines at home.

    (Kraft Heinz Exploration Strategy 2019)

  5. Lifestyle Trends - Hellmann's Vegan Mayo was the biggest NPD launch in the mayo category in 2019 - 72% of Hellmann's Vegan Mayo Spend is from new shoppers, driving category growth - 75% of the sales are incremental to the category.

    (Nielsen | Mayonnaise | Impulse Data | MAT 25th Jan 2020)

Top Tips

  1. Optimising range at Key Peak periods - Peak month's for Table Sauces are between July & September, with Pickles being in the build up to Christmas. Asian Sauces at Ramadan, Eid & Diwali.

  2. Authenticity becoming increasingly important - The desire for authentic sauces continues to grow, with the likes of Asian Sauces up +33% in the last year, aided by the growth to the ethnic population in the UK.

      (IRI | Table Sauces | 52 we 23 May 2020).

  3. Don't miss out on seasonal sales - In the summer, retailers can capitalise on the BBQ season by having a BBQ fixture including mayonnaise, salad cream and dressings. In autumn and winter, eating enhancers are important as people eat more hot food.

  4. Divide fixture into product groups - Help shoppers by separating the display into three sub categories: Table Sauces, dressings and condiments. If space allows, include lighter variants, as these have become increasingly popular as people have become more health conscious.

  5. Use link partnerships to strengthen cross-category shopping - As Sauces used during all meal occasions, breakfast (full English), lunch salad's, dinner chips etc.

Canned Goods & Meal Kits

Must Stock Lines

Category advice2020


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock lines
Canned Goods & Meal Kits


Category advice2020


We suggest you stock the following range:

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