Terms and Conditions of Christmas Pre-sell Promotion

Sales of Product are subject to the Bestway Wholesale Limited and Bestway Northern Limited standard terms and conditions of sale and the following terms below, which terms below shall take precedent in the event of conflict.

1. This Christmas pre-sell and extended credit promotion is only available for best-one delivered customers with direct debit payments in place.

2. The total value of your order for this Christmas pre-sell activity must be a minimum of £400 (excluding VAT).

3. Credit is extended in accordance with ours standard terms and conditions of sale.

4. If your account is closed for any reason or suspended for non-payment of debt then any amounts due and outstanding under this promotion will fall due for immediate payment.

5. Credit is extended on all orders placed, and will be collected via direct debit week commencing Monday 7th January 2019.

6. Orders may only be placed online with the last date for placing an order being Friday 20th July 2018.

7. Orders will only be delivered in the week requested by you from the 4 weeks available on your usual designated delivery day. Drop 1: w/c 1st October 2018, Drop 2: w/c 29th October 2018, Drop 3: w/c 19th November 2018, Drop 4: w/c 3rd December 2018.

8. When you send your order to bestone.xmaspreorder@bestway.co.uk, the order is automatically deemed accepted. Orders may only be cancelled within 28 days of the order being accepted and if deliveries are not accepted you will be charged for the goods.