Tony Stansfield, a Bestway Vans star

Tony Stansfield, Bestway VansIn the words of Frank Evans, Area Sales Manager North for Bestway Vans Direct:

“Can I first say a big thank you to all members of my team for their fantastic efforts and commitment that they have showed over the past few weeks.

“I would also like to nominate Tony Stansfield as a bit of an unsung hero during these difficult times.

Tony has worked with great enthusiasm and showed all of the excellent behaviours that we expect, and always get, from my fantastic team of CSRs.

“He has also delivered excellent service to all his customers going way above the ‘norm’ to keep his shops fully stocked of our range of products to look after the local communities.

“Tony’s sales have grown, even allowing for the unfortunate circumstances where some of his retail store calls have had to close for an assortment of reasons.

“Tony lives in Warrington and has had to juggle his work commitments as well as travelling over to Stockport several times a week to take care of his elderly father. All of this done with a smile on his face.

“This is one CSR who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in both his working and personal life.

“Well done Tony! Our frontline star.”