Jaybee's convenience store delivery to customerJaybee’s best-one Convenience store started life as a Newsagents in 1976, run by Jim and Jenny Buttress and was taken over by their son Mark in 1995, so with 44 years in the business, they really are at the heart of their community.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the team (Including Mark and his wife Lorna) have been all hands on deck and very busy with people panic buying. Mark comments: “Seeing the supermarkets stripped bare people are now realising that local shops are the places to find goods! With more regular deliveries and more flexibility than the supermarkets, we are offering exactly what local people need! Hopefully in the future more people will remember that shopping local is the way to go.”

Mark and Lorna began offering home delivery as a result of the coronavirus on 20th March, before the lockdown even began. Mark, who was really forward thinking in his approach to supporting local people, added: “With self-isolation and this coronavirus being a threat to our elderly and venerable customers, we are now offering a free delivery service too! I have put up posters and posts on Facebook, plus telling our customers to pass on the message to their parents and grandparents about it. I have had to set a minimum price of £10 for grocery’s and if they call before 4pm, it will be delivered the next morning my myself or Lorna.

Jaybee's Best-one store delivery“When the order is taken, we take down all their details and then call them back for card payment, So that their goods can be delivered without the need for physical contact. With this Pandemic it is essential that we work together with the local community to beat this thing and come out stronger the other side!”

A true, local front line hero!