Keith stands out as a credit to the business

Bestway Vans Keith HarrisBestway Vans Area Sales Manager, Micky Dunn, has shared some proud words about his team:

“Firstly I would like to say I think the whole of my team who have done a great job during what we all understand is a very difficult and demanding time. Everyone indeed deserves credit however I think if someone deserves a special mention then it should go to Keith Harris.

“Keith is one of our teams Area Customer Service Representatives and his attitude from the beginning of this has been outstanding. His willingness and desire to help make things run as smoothly as possible in our area [East Scotland] has really stood out. He has travelled to cover multiple depots within the area, shown a positive attitude at all times, approached every new obstacle with common sense and served our customers reliably and safely at all times. Overall he has been a credit to the business.

“If we all choose the same attitude that Keith has, we will get these testing times together and come out of it stronger than ever.”

Well done Keith – you really are a frontline star of ours!