Wednesday 20th March 2019

35% of shoppers saving time thanks to new Bestway Wholesale app and order tracking feature

35% of shoppers saving time thanks to new Bestway Wholesale app and order tracking feature

Just weeks after launching its 'track my order' service on its apps and websites, Bestway Wholesale, the largest independent food and drink wholesaler, is reporting that 35% of best-one and wholesale customers surveyed, have adopted the service, now enjoying time saving and logistical efficiency – and says the numbers of users are growing daily.

The 'track my order' feature enables customers to track the status of their order from placement through to delivery, mirroring the service widely offered by consumer-retail brands. There are five stages to the tracker, which are; once the order has been received, an email confirmation is sent, then the customer can log in via the website or app, to see when the order is being picked.

A further email is sent once the order is awaiting dispatch - this email provides details of any substitutions or shortages made if products have become unavailable. The next stage sends an email when the delivery is in transit, confirming a four-hour delivery window, and the last step states that delivery is confirmed.

Salih Sheikh, Head of Marketing and Digital at Bestway Wholesale says: "This is a logical next step in our digital pathway that is the accepted way of doing business across retail and domestic markets - so why not wholesale! Our customers are at the forefront of what we do and using digital solutions to make their shopping experience easier is an important part of our digital strategy.

"Previously, customers had to call through to find out information about their order and sometimes substitutions would arrive without their prior knowledge, as is the case for many wholesale deliveries. Now customers have full visibility and transparency and can spend less time on the phone and less time waiting for their delivery.

"Offering a delivery window also means retailers can manage their staffing levels more effectively, as they can plan the time period in which an extra pair of hands will be needed. It is all part of ensuring our service promise remains fit for the future and leads in wholesale."

42% of users asked, have said the service helps them prepare for the delivery arrival.

Customers can also download an order summary PDF, which groups products by category. The benefit is that it can be used by the retailer in store to check-off their delivery when it arrives, or simply to remember what they ordered, by category within the store.

Previously placed orders and deliveries can also be viewed via the ‘My Order Tracker’ feature on the app or website, making it easier for the retailer to keep track.

'Track my order' is available on the company’s Bestway Wholesale and BB Foodservice apps and websites and on the best-one website.