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Category advice2022


The Toilet Tissue market in Impulse was worth £88.9m in 2021.

With 4 roll accounting for almost half of all toilet tissue bought in Independents, outperforming the total market.

(Nielsen w/e 4/12/21)

Anti-bacterial continues to be a strong trend.

87% of consumers say they will continue with their Home Care regime changes post COVID-19 – people have realised that there are other benefits to deeper and more regular cleaning of their home.

(Supplier Manufacturer Data)

Make sure to stock a wide range of products across all key categories and ensure good availability.

Laundry Capsules are the fastest growing and best-selling format in the Independents, due to their convenience and great cleaning performance.

Daz Go Pods (SKU: 196318) being the brand leader followed by Ariel (SKU: 413356)

(IRI – Laundry Detergents – Impulse – Value Sales – MAT: 11.09.2021)

Own label household products are important by offering increased value verses branded products, and deliver on average over 30% POR.

Auto Dish Wash sales exceeded Hand Dish Wash due to the products high average unit selling price. Shoppers are looking for the market leading brands, so make sure you have the key SKUs in stock and visible on shelf.

169745 Finish Powerball All in 1 Max 13s is the top performing SKU in Independents.

(IRI – Total Market – ADW and HWD – Value Sales – MAT: 30.09.2021)

PMP’s offer shoppers price confidence.

28% of shoppers are more likely to buy a Household Cleaning or Laundry product if it’s in a price marked pack. Where possible, offer price marked versions of the leading HHC & Laundry SKUs to drive price confidence to consumers.

(Lumina Intelligence 2020)


  • Larger pack formats have seen growth as shoppers gravitate to bigger packs.

Since the pandemic, a new wave of amplified hygiene needs has been created.

  • 81% of consumers clean their hands more frequently at home.
  • 64% of consumers use paper towels to dry their hands.
  • 74% of consumers plan to buy into the category more frequently.
  • (Fastuna Pro – 200 People – June 2020/Covid-19 Habit April 2020).


  • New families increase their Laundry spend by up to 50%.
  • (Kantar Worldpanel/Supplier Manufacturer Data)
  • Drive category value and basket spend by stocking a full Laundry regime.
  • (Detergent, Ancillaries, Fabric Conditioners & Fabric Enhancers)
  • 44% of UK households contain someone with sensitive skin.
  • (Kantar Worldpanel/Supplier Manufacturer Data)

Laundry Pods are a key driver of growth within Main Wash Laundry

Air Care

  • 56% of Air Care sales are impulse purchases.
  • 54% of Air Care users want the same scent across different rooms.
  • 35% of annual Air Care sales occur at Christmas – therefore Christmas activation is essential!
  • (Supplier Manufacturer Data)

Febreze, Air Wick and Glade are all major brands in the Air Care category


Surface Cleaners

Did you know?

46% of consumers are using more anti bacterial products in their home*

35% are using an anti bacterial washing up liquid*

25% are using anti bacterial dish washer products*

Dettol and Zoflora are two key brands in the ‘Anti Bacterial’ and ‘Disinfectant’ category. Shoppers continue to look for brands that they know and trust – ensure that Anti Bacterial and Disinfectant products in a variety of formats (triggers, wipes and liquids) are clearly visible on shelf and form part of the Core Range.

There are a wide range of ‘Anti Bacterial’ products available in depots now!

  • 99544
    Dettol Surface
    £1.69, 500ml
  • 680793
    Zoflora Assorted
  • 186850
    Dettol Laundry
    Cleanser £3, 1ltr
  • 686944
    Flash strong & thick lemon all purpose wipes
    24/48 wipes
  • 754040
    Domestos disinfectant antibacterial wipes
    60 wipes
  • 715511
    Dettol Disinfectant
    Linen Spray 400ml

Information correct at time of print.


Must Stock Lines

Category advice2022


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines


Category advice2022


We suggest you stock the following range:

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