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Laundry Pods remain the biggest driver of growth in the Main Wash category with total market share of 36% followed by liquids at 31% and powders at 24%.

These drive a greater pence per wash consumer spend than powders

Specialist cleaning is in growth, driven in particular by disinfectants (particularly Zoflora with the support of Mrs Hinch (leading social media influencer)).

Plus Limescale treatments (e.g. Viakal) and drain cleaners/unblockers (e.g. Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker)

Consumer value is key, driven by private label and large pack formats such as 16 / 18 / 24 roll toilet tissue increasing sales.

Great value deals available now on Andrex 24 Roll @ RRP of £7.49

Own label household products are important by offering increased value verses branded products and deliver on average over 30% POR

Plastics and sustainability – in particular the elimination of single-use plastics.

Regina Blitz (495196) & Nicky Elite White 9 Roll (251819) have now replaced plastic film for paper packaging

Use our Must Stock list to check you offer all the household essential products to meet all the need states of your shopper

The merchandising flow is important and merchandising by use and product type allows shoppers to shop with ease (i.e. Aircare, Multipurpose, Wipes, Kitchen, Bathroom).

Give more space to best-sellers

Washing up liquid and bleach are amongst the biggest sellers so retailers should make sure they have the adequate space to ensure availability and avoid out-of-stocks. To provide shelf stand-out and help customers find what they are looking for, retailers can double face key brands.

Merchandise for bigger spend

Put cleaning tools such as cloths, sponges and gloves next to items they will be used with, for example, bleach or bath cleaner.

Prompt additional sales by placing fabric conditioners and ironing aids alongside detergents.

Must Stock Lines

Category advice2020


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines


Category advice2020


We suggest you stock the following range:

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