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What is Drop Shipment:

Drop Shipment gives you access to products and services available from over 100 national, local, regional and specialist suppliers outside of our central distribution

The Benefits

By using Drop Shipment you can enjoy:

  • Low MOQ's
  • Exclusive discounts and high margins from suppliers
  • Time-taking administration and accounting reduced
  • Ready-made promotions included in the Offers brochure from BD6
  • Centrally negotiated prices

How can Drop Shipment help you:

We have chosen suppliers who have ranges covering everything from chilled food, cake and international food to non-food, stationery and much more. These ranges can give you a unique selling point over your competitors, enabling you to drive footfall to your store

The Service

  • The supplier starts deliveries to you on an agreed date
  • Orders delivered with a detailed delivery note
  • We send a weekly statement, including invoices and credits
  • Payment collected by Direct Debit
  • Support if you have any issues

Seasonal Deals

Drop Shipment gives you access to bespoke seasonal promotions.

Seasonal Deals

Example only

Drop Shipment Offers

As part of our Drop Shipment Scheme relaunch, we will be providing regular seasonal and event offers, as well as industry leading introductory offers.

Check out the special offers enclosed from select suppliers.

  • BBQ Deal
  • OTL Firm Sale Summer Toys and Garden
Opening Offers:
  • Fifo 10% off first order / 30 day trial
  • Bonds Confectionery introductory offer
  • Liberty Flight vape stand introductory offer

Offers are for a limited time only, see the enclosed leaflets for more information. Offers subject to availability.

Drop Shipment Website

Visit the Drop Shipment section in the retailer area of the Best-one website and view all the suppliers in the Drop Shipment scheme.

Drop Shipment Website

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Reward Scheme

All spend with a Drop Shipment supplier counts towards your 'My Rewards' spend.


Key Suppliers

Drop Shipment


Best-one have identified 22 key suppliers. These are the most successful suppliers and have opening offers, preferential pricing and promotions for you.

Here's a selection of the range we can offer you through our suppliers:

  • Sandwiches & Savouries

    Sandwiches & Savouries

  • Cake


  • Bread


  • Chilled Ready Meals

    Chilled Ready Meals

  • Food To Go

    Food To Go

  • Confectionery & Snacks

    Confectionery & Snacks

  • Eastern European Food

    Eastern European Food

  • Frozen Food

    Frozen Food

  • Non Food Firm Sale

    Non Food Firm Sale

  • Stationery & Toys Firm Sale

    Stationery & Toys Firm Sale

  • Non Food Household

    Non Food Household

  • SOR Toys & Seasonal

    SOR Toys & Seasonal

  • Consignment Greeting Cards

    Consignment Greeting Cards

  • Craft Ales

    Craft Ales

  • Forecourt & Non Food

    Forecourt & Non Food

  • Forecourt


  • Mobile Phone Accessories

    Mobile Phone Accessories

  • Solid Fuel & Charcoal

    Solid Fuel & Charcoal

  • Vape


For more information call 01296 746571 or email or refer to the Retailer Website

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