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Take home missions are now bigger than Food-to-Go in convenience, accounting for 60% of total shopper missions.

(Kantar, Independents & Symbols, MAT,
F&B Shopper Missions, W.E. 21.02.21)

Range the right segments to cater for take home missions – £1 PMP Sharing, Bigger Sharing and Multipack.

Having the right range is key.

There are 3 key occasions shoppers buy CSN for in C-stores. To cater for all these occasions, ensure you offer choice across each key pack format.

On-the-Go key packs:

Singles and £1 PMP

For Tonight – key packs:

Sharing (£1 PMP & Bigger bag)

For Later (Stock Up) – key packs:

Sharing & Multipacks

(PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)

Food-to-Go missions are often cross-category.

Many Food-to-Go shoppers want snacks with a drink or a meal deal.

(Source: ACS Local Shop report 2019)

Merchandise crisps and snacks singles near drinks chillers to increase basket spend.

Shoppers want PMPs from the brands they like.

One of the main reasons shoppers like PMPs is because the price is clearly marked, which drives trust and reassurance in the brand and store.

(PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)

Range PMPs across the best-selling brands and ensure product availability, particularly at peak times e.g. afternoon.

£1 PMPs play a dual role in occasion missions.

Over ½ of shoppers consume a £1 PMP bag on their own, 45% of shoppers tend to share.

(PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)

Offer more space to best-sellers to ensure availability of £1 PMPs throughout lunch-time to the evening.

Sharing is the biggest growth driver.

Insight: Crisps, Snacks & Nuts +4% YoY. Growth is driven primarily by Sharing (+14%) which accounts for 64% of sales.

(Nielsen, Independents & Symbols, MAT, W.E. 03.04.21)

Top Tip: Offer over half of your fixture space to Sharing.

NPD: sharing NPD contributed to 40% of sharing segment growth in the last year*

NPD brings excitement to the category, choose NPD that offers something new.

Top NPD to look out for:


Quavers: Prawn Cocktail/Salt & Vinegar

Walkers Max KFC & Walkers Max Double Crunch KFC Zinger

Walkers Max


£2 price marked packs

*Nielsen, Independents & Symbols, Value Mat, w.e. 03.04.21.

Shoppers care about taste and brand more than value.

Ensure your range covers the most popular flavours from the best-selling brands.

Top flavours in CSN:

  1. Meaty
  2. Cheese
  3. Spicy
  4. Salted
  5. Tangy


Taste is the No.1 CSN purchase driver.

Brand is No.3**

*(Nielsen, Independents & Symbols, MAT, W.E. 03.04.21)

**(PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)


Encourage impulse purchases

60% of CSN purchases can be influenced in store, visibility and display are key triggers to convert more shoppers.

Merchandise CSN in additional areas of the store.

Woman shopping

Capture shoppers attention using standout POS to highlight the promotion.

Promotions account for 1/3 of CSN sales.

(PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)


Merchandising principles

  • Over 70% of CSN purchases are made from main fixture.

    (PepsiCo Path to Purchase Research, Sample 3,000 Shoppers, 2021)

  • Maximise your main fixture by using planograms to help merchandise the right range in the right place.
  • Within pack formats, group your crisps together and your snacks together.
  • Place best sellers at eye level and value brands on the lower shelves.
  • Aid standout and navigation with clear brand blocking.
  • Ensure you align brand space to brand £ sales.
Crisps & Snacks

Must Stock Lines

Category advice2021


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Crisps & Snacks


Category advice2021


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