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Category advice2021


Chilled Dairy is worth £279m in Convenience and is growing +4.8%.

(IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21)

Natural Yogurt is a must stock!

Natural Yogurt is the largest sector and is bought by over 60% of all UK households.

(IRI 18.04.21 & Kantar 18.04.21)

Total Yogurts is the third largest category within Dairy and is worth £32m.

(IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21)

Shoppers over 65 are driving the growth in Yogurts contributing nearly half of the growth.

(Kantar 18.04.21)

Yogurts is growing +10.2% outperforming Total Chilled Dairy.

(IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21)

The top 10 Yogurt SKUs account for 22% of all Yogurt sales.

(IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21)

Top Performing Brands

Ensure you stock the core sub categories!

Over 60% of Yogurt sales come from the following categories:

  • Naturals
  • Corners & Everyday
  • Flavoured Big Pots

IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21

Onken Naturals

Onken Naturals

Market Share
Muller Corners & Everyday

Muller Corners & Everyday

Market Share
Onken Flavoured Big Pots

Onken Flavoured Big Pots

Market Share

Top Up shopping is key within Yogurts as basket sizes continue to increase.

8 out of the top 10 Yogurts are take home formats.

Ensure larger pack formats are available to cater to the Top Up shopping mission.

IGD 2021 & IRI Symbols & Independents 18.04.21

Information correct at time of print.

Don’t forget on the go!

On the go Yogurt has suffered during the last year but we expect to see this bounce back as consumers head back to the office.

On the go products

Remember to list the top performing brands!

Stocking well known brands whilst removing underperforming SKUs and duplication will help to drive growth.


Must Stock Lines

Category advice2021


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines


Category advice2021


We suggest you stock the following 1.25m x 6 Shelf range:

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1.25m Chilled Shelf 1
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1.25m Chilled Shelf 2
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1.25m Chilled Shelf 3
View Shelf 3 Products
1.25m Chilled Shelf 4
View Shelf 4 Products
1.25m Chilled Shelf 5
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1.25m Chilled Shelf 6
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