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The Chilled snacking on-the-go behaviour is growing, as shoppers are turning away from sugary treats and moving to meat snacking and cheese snacks

(Kantar Usage 52 w/e 4th December 2016, Total In Home/Carried Out).

Ensure your Chilled range includes on-the-go snacks

Increase your sales through impulse purchases by cross merchandising within the sub‑categories

e.g. put crisps & snacks and soft drinks near sandwiches

Take advantage of seasonal opportunities such as Easter and Christmas for baking

and ensure you have a range for cooking and baking such as Stork and butter

Ensure you stock a core range of Must Stocks across each sub‑category

Whilst brands represent a high percentage of sales within convenience, don't forget to include Own Label into your Chilled range so your shoppers have a choice, but also because Own Label have approximately 30% margins

35% of shoppers would go elsewhere if their brand is not available for Butters, Fats and Spreads*s


So make sure you stock branded products such as Flora, Clover, Anchor & Lurpak

Milk based beverages are growing in the market, driven by coffee. Protein & breakfast segments are also growing


Ensure Must Stocks are listed and easy to find with signage on fixture


Maximise space & ease of shop by segmenting by need state eg. Everyday, Premium, Coffee, Protein & Breakfast


Ensure appropriate space is given to key growth trends – Coffee, Protein, Breakfast

Largest Segment



Growth Drivers







Range Recommendations

3 SKUs represent 60% of Chilled Coffee sales in the Impulse Channel.

Nielsen MAT to 4th Nov

Range Recommendations
  • Starbucks continue to dominate Chilled Coffee, driving 77.5% value in Total Impulse and stil growing 20% YoY
  • Doubleshot, Frappuccino and Chilled Cup all meet distinct need states providing an efficient and tight range – one stop shop for the category
  • For customers with limited space, the first focus will be the best sellers and growth drivers to ensure space efficiency

Specific to Chilled Coffee, the different Starbucks Platforms cater for different Soft Drinks needs – ensure you cover all three

Boost - Get me going

Comfort - Treat Time

Restore - Get me back to me


Balance - Help to sustain me

Bond - Connect to others

Achieve - Me at my best







Treat Me

Treat Me

Treat Me

Chilled Food

Must Stock Lines

These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines
Chilled Food


If you have a 2.5m display, we suggest you stock the following range:

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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 1
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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 2
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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 3
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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 4
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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 5
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2.5mx6 Chilled planogram Shelf 6
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