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Category advice2021


Biscuits is the 2nd biggest snacking category in the UK, behind Chocolate and larger than Crisps and Snacks.

(52W data to 18.04.2021)

There are 4500 biscuit lines sold in Convenience however 80% of the category value comes from just 5% of the SKU – therefore it’s important to get the range right!

(Nielsen ScanTrack, S&I, 2020)

Biscuits is a really important category within Convenience, if Symbols and Independents was a retailer it would be the 5th biggest in the UK for biggest, ahead of Co-op and Waitrose.

(Nielsen ScanTrack, 52W data to 22.05.21)

Convenience shoppers are 26% more likely to have tried a new product line and 60% of the fastest growing biscuit lines are NPD.

(Lumina Intelligence, ‘How to Win at NPD’, June 2019)

The Biscuits shopper is valuable and on average spends £2.98 more each trip than the average Convenience Shopper.

(Kantar WPO, 52W data to 16.05.2021)

Convenience shoppers are 50% more likely to pick up a product on a display than their Grocery counterparts therefore it’s important to make biscuits difficult to miss.

(pladis Path to Purchase Research)

Stock the Best Sellers

A huge amount of category value comes through the Core Range so it’s important to get it right.

Biscuit range

Make biscuits impossible to miss

55% of Convenience shoppers purchase on impulse so it’s important to capture the shopper.

Lumina CTP, 4W to 07.03.2021 and Lumina Category Factsheets, 2019


Information correct at time of print.


Must Stock Lines

Category advice2021


These are the ‘Must Stock’ lines which shoppers expect to see in a convenience store. By stocking these lines, you will be meeting your customers’ needs and therefore they will visit your store again.

We suggest you stock the following range:

Must stock linesMust stock linesMust stock linesMust stock lines
Must stock lines
Must stock linesMust stock lines


Category advice2021


We suggest you stock the following range:

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